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I specialise in creating a calming environment for both parent and child. Having spent over a decade working with children and their families in London, I am an expert in creating strategies and solutions for struggling parents, challenging behaviour, and developmental hurdles. All of my work is backed up by academic research and my qualifications in child development, the early years, and wellness.

Most families will experience unexpected hurdles or challenges during the early years and beyond, and I have aided children with speech delay, occupational therapy needs, sensory needs, and ocular needs. I have helped families through the arrival of new babies, separations, relocations, vacations, weddings, the addition of step-siblings, transitions into and out of schools, the 7+ process, and the 11+ process. I have worked with children of all ages, and families of all sizes. One of my favourite age-groups to work with has always been toddlers, and far from the "terrible-twos" I see this as a wonderful time of emerging personality, learning and growth


Throughout my adult life I have always been in search of new information, new theories, and new methods, and have very rarely stopped learning. I began my studies at the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, and gained a Bachelor of Science from Kings College London. During my career I have studied across the fields of nutrition, child development, child psychology, special educational needs, speech therapy, maternity care, parenting, and more recently, mindfulness, and infant sleep. I have done further research into the Waldorf school system, Scandinavian style "forest schools", and into the hectic world of London school admissions!

My work has taught me two main things - that no two children are the same, and that no two families are the same. Each child is unique, and transitioning into a standardised education system is not always straightforward. There are many different ways of parenting, and each parent will have their own theories, ideals, morals, and methods.


I aim to provide encourage growth, support confidence, and inspire solutions for parents who feel that something is missing, something is not working, or something could be improved upon within their family life. My aim is to empower both parent and child!

I am proud to be an Official Sustainable Partner of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, and an affiliate of the innovative Onoco parenting app...

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