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I offer a variety of different options when it comes to my support and work with parents and their families. I offer pay-as-you-go coaching, discounted coaching plans, pop-up themed sessions, and monthly free online parenting surgeries. If you can't find a price or plan that works for you, get in touch, and we can work something out!

Pay-as-you-go Coaching

We will begin with an initial 2 hour consultation (usual price £120 - sign up to my newsletter for regular discounts!). You will take the lead on this - we will talk about whatever you feel needs some care and attention! I will offer my full support and problem solving skills, and we will work together to determine practical, behavioural and emotional changes that might work for you and your child, and how best we can work towards both short term and long term goals. Remember, there are no quick fixes, and parenting is a life-long learning curve! It can take three weeks to form a new habit, but it can take up to three months for those changes to take effect!

Your initial consultation includes a detailed plan of action, a coaching starter pack, 1 month follow up support via WhatsApp, and an email check-up or 30 minute telephone call at the end of the month to review and reflect on our progress. 


Following your initial consultation you can book pay-as-you-go coaching sessions as and when you feel you need them at £36 per hour (2 hour minimum booking). Please book in advance to avoid disappointment! For each hour booked you will receive 2 weeks follow up support via WhatsApp, and an email check-up or 30 minute phone call at the end of those 2 weeks.

Alternatively you can choose one of the following coaching plans (please note these are intended to be templates, and can be adjusted to suit your needs):



One week Coaching Plan


Calm Cocoon - £299

If you are struggling and feeling at your wits' end, then this is for you. Let me come into your home for one week and calm things down and help you to set things straight. We will smooth things out and plan a roadmap towards a calmer home environment. Let me create a "cocoon of calm" around you and your child! Please note this package in intended to be a template, and more hours can be added depending on how you are feeling and how much support you feel that you need. 

Includes three, 3 hour sessions over the course of one week (3 sessions in total).

Also includes a detailed plan of action, 1 month follow-up support via WhatsApp and an email check-up or 30 min telephone call at the end of the month.


One month Coaching Plan

Refresh & Revitalise  - £399

Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut with your parenting, and that you and your child have become trapped in a cycle of mood swings and emotional tug of wars? Do you feel that your routine is too much like hard work, and you never get a break? Let's work on that together. Over the course of a month we will work together to refresh your feelings about parenting, improve the energy and mood in your home, and revitalise your routine. As with Calm Cocoon (see above) this package is a template, and more hours and sessions can be added depending on the level of support your feel that you need.

Includes one 3 hour session per week over the course of one month (4 sessions in total).

Also includes a detailed plan of action, guided follow-up support via WhatsApp between sessions and an email check-up or 30 min telephone call at the end of the month.

Three month Coaching Plan

Positive Empowerment - £599 

This plan is a great way to make sure that you are keeping your parenting at tip-top positivity levels, and that you are feeling strong and empowered about your role as a parent! It allows us three whole months to work on whatever you feel needs a little work (or a complete revamp!). I will follow your lead on the areas that you would like to focus on, but as a starting point I always recommend periodically running a fresh eye over: your child's diet, environment, routine, sleep, and your parenting habits. As with the two above packages this package is intended to be a template, and more hours can be added to give you the support that you feel you need. Take this course at least once a year to sail through the early years, the primary years, and that tricky tween to teen transition! 

Includes one 3 hour session per fortnight over the course of three months (6 sessions in total).

Also includes a detailed plan of action, open support via WhatsApp between sessions and an email check-up or 30 min telephone call per month.


Distance Leaning Plan

Positive Parenting 12 Week Email/WhatsApp Course - £24 per week (first week FREE!)

My 12 week Positive Parenting course is available to all parents (you do not have to be a regular coaching client to book this course) and involves 12 weeks of simple, guided tasks delivered via daily WhatsApp messages. You will be guided through the 12 key areas of positive parenting with the aim of improving your parenting skills and the way you respond to and interact with your child. The first week is offered free to all new clients, the theme will  be "Listening" and is aimed at improving the way you communicate with your child. Bookable in 3 week sections.

Pop-up Sessions and free online Surgeries

I run pop-up themed coaching sessions (on common issues such as potty training, toddler tantrums, and fussy eaters) and free online parenting  surgeries most months, you can find more details of these on the offers and events page, and keep up to date by joining my mailing list! You do not have to be a regular coaching client to take advantage of my pop-up sessions and surgeries!

Please get in touch for more information and details about booking and availability!

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