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Hello summer!

Hello there,

Wow, we have made it to summer, after a very unusual and rather apocalyptic spring! I send the warmest wishes to you and your family, and hope that you are ready to emerge cautiously from lockdown, and are willing to embrace the new season with an open mind. The summer is here, so let's try to make the most of it - let your children be your inspiration!

Summer with little kids is all about getting outdoors, exploring the natural world, experiencing new things, and of course, plenty of suncream, sun-hats, and ice cream. I include some of my favourite recommendations for these later in this post!

The summer is the perfect time for you and your child to get outdoors and explore the natural world around you. You don't have to travel by aeroplane or even very far from home to experience the great outdoors in all it's natural beauty. Somewhere not far from your home, you and your child should be able to spend time exploring sand, water, grass, and forests. Let your child use their senses, imagination, and natural inquisitiveness to explore the natural world. Think Scandinavian style forest school!

Let them stay up until it gets dark, try to eat outside as much as possible, and light up the dark and their imagination with lanterns, torches and campfires.

During the daytime, try to stay in the shade and play in the shade - take books, toys, drawing paper and writing tasks outside, they will take on a whole new range of possibilities outside their normal realm.

If you can, try to include camping (even if just in a den in the garden!), farm animals (a petting zoo will do!), boats and swimming in your summer plans. While fairly commonplace to adults, these things really are the stuff of magic to children. And don't just stick to your car, you will often encounter unexpected moments for family bonding, personal growth, and character development on long hikes, train journeys, and boat rides (travel restrictions allowing!). 

Most importantly, let your child get a little bored. Out of boredom comes the potential for imagination and new ideas - don't fear empty time, your child will find ways to fill it! As Winnie the Pooh said, "Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something."

You really don't have to travel very far (or spend very much money!) to give your child a wonderful summer to remember. 

Here are a few of my favourite summer necessities for parents:

Which suncreams are best for your little one's sensitive skin? 10 best sunscreens for babies that will protect their sensitive skin

Sun-hats that provide the best coverage and sun protection? Made for Mums best kids sunhats guide

Find buying endless ice creams and ice lollies a little expensive? I can tell you for a fact that your child will be just as happy with home-made lollies, and home-made no-churn ice-cream or frozen yoghurt. These also have the added bonus of providing a nice activity to do together indoors, when the sun gets too hot outside. Check out these amazing recipes from My Baba: 15 ice lolly recipes for summer

I wish you and your family many happy times this summer!

If you need a chat, or feel that you are struggling with a certain issue, don't hesitate to get in touch. I can provide support by telephone, by email, and where possible, hands-on support in person (depending on location).

All the best,

x Isobel

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