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Late Summer Wellness Message

This month I would like to share with you my Parent Wellness message - wellness forms a really key part of many of my coaching packages, and all parents who book any of my sessions will receive a FREE parent wellness session. This month our topic is social wellness!

Wellbeing vs Wellness?

Ask yourself “How WELL do I feel in myself right now?”, “What is my STATE of wellbeing?” Wellbeing is all about how you feel in the present moment.

Wellness is a little different, wellness is more of a journey. I describe wellness as “The pursuit of healthy habits to enable us to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE!”. We have to challenge ourselves to answer the question “Where shall I go next on this journey to thrive?”

The 7 Areas of Wellness:

• Physical

• Mental

• Emotional

• Social

• Environmental

• Spiritual

• Occupational

I encourage parents to take NATURAL, HOLISTIC approaches to wellness. The aim is to improve our overall feelings of WELLBEING. This month we think about SOCIAL wellness.

The Wheel of the Year

This year we are also using our wellness journey to unwind and reconnect with Mother Nature – we are REWILDING! We are harnessing the power of the seasons and embracing the natural cycles of energy, growth and rebirth (we are following a form of calendar known by the pagans as the “Wheel of the Year”). We will be linking our social wellness to this cycle later, so keep reading!

The Pursuit of Social Wellness:

To nurture POSITIVE, HEALTHY relationships and to a create a SUPPORTIVE social network around us.

Why should we pursue Social Wellness?

People who have positive relationships and a strong network around them tend to LIVE LONGER, have a stronger IMMUNE SYSTEM, and have overall BETTER HEALTH.

This is largely to do with the fact that having healthy personal relationships and a supportive “village” around us results in LESS STRESS & ANXIETY. This has an enormous impact on our health and feelings of wellbeing. (We lost this during the pandemic with catastrophic effects to mental health)

(Did you know that primates, birds, dolphins and horses all make friends too!)

How to improve our Social Wellness?

  • Make an effort to contact friends, family members and neighbours more often.

  • Spend more 1:1 time with friends and loved ones.

  • Join a local group or class.

  • Engage in cultural traditions and celebrations.

  • Volunteer to help others.

Harvard University researchers found evidence to suggest that approx. 15-20% of us are born with an “inhibited temperament” aka “shyness”. This can make pursuing social wellness seem a little more daunting but it is still WORTH IT!

How to improve our existing relationships?

Be mindful of how other people make you FEEL. Can you be your TRUE SELF with them?

Have you made a GENUINE CONNECTION? Do you NURTURE and SUPPORT each other?

Trying to change or improve lots of things at once can be OVERWHELMING. Trying to make ONE SMALL CHANGE is much easier. Could you make one change this month to improve your SOCIAL WELLNESS?

Linking to the wheel of the year:

This August we are linking social wellness to the ancient Celtic festival of Lughnasadh (or Lammas), which celebrates the first harvest of the year, and marks the midpoint between Summer and Autumn. It was traditionally celebrated on August 1st.

This time of year is all about gratitude, and recognizing the manifestations of our intentions. Make a special effort to gather with loved ones and reflect on what has unfolded during the course of this year, and look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of what you have sown. Make sure to spend time and connect with those who truly "get" you, and who will support and value your hopes and dreams.

Bread, wine, beer, raspberries and blackberries are perfect seasonal symbols to enjoy and consume to mark this festival, and to adorn your table with!

Go the extra mile and bake your own bread for that special late Summer gathering or celebration, to represent your seeds of intention and their manifestation this year. Lughnasadh is an ancient festival dating back to pre-Christian Ireland, and is still celebrated in Ireland today, so why not make your dough an Irish Soda bread loaf? This recipe is perfectly easy (I always turn to Delia!).

Want to try a 5 minute guided meditation?

This is one of my favourites: SUMMER CLEANSE from Mini Meds on YouTube.

Take care of yourself. YOU CANNOT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP. See you next month!

Guess what - when you sign up for coaching with me you will also receive a Kids Wellbeing PDF Activity in your email inbox each month, get in touch to find out more!

Isobel x

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