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"What's in My Fridge?" with Nutritionist Emma West!

This month Pre and Post-Natal Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist Emma West and I decided to go for something a little more fun, and do the classic fridge analysis as seen in various glossy women's magazines! I also got to quiz Emma with a few of my own nutrition questions, with a view to eating better and feeling healthier in 2024! So, if you want to find out what's in my fridge, and what Emma thinks of my dietary preferences, read on! Plus, you can win the opportunity to ask Emma her thoughts on the contents of YOUR fridge (yes I know, its a dream come true!)!

So, here it goes, here are the recent contents of my fridge:

  • Eggs

  • Swiss cheese

  • Low fat cottage cheese

  • Mexicana spicy cheese

  • Feta cheese 

  • Benecol yoghurt drinks

  • Semi skimmed milk

  • Butter

  • Benecol spread

  • Full fat Greek vanilla yoghurt

  • Zero fat Greek yoghurt with honey 

  • Falafels

  • Hummous

  • Tatziki

  • Chicken breast

  • Meatballs

  • Chicken burgers

  • Salmon fillets 

  • Lamb mince

  • Olives

  • Bag salad

  • Cucumber

  • Beetroot

  • Carrots

  • Cherry tomatoes 

  • Mixed peppers

  • Blueberries

  • Apples

  • Bananas

  • Broccoli

  • Fresh tagliatelle

  • Soup

  • Sourdough bread

  • Sliced granary bread 

  • Brioche buns

  • Dark chocolate

  • One hundred different condiments and sauces in various bottles and jars!

  • Various jars of pasta sauce, curry sauce, Mexican sauce, pesto 

  • Orange juice

  • Iced tea (sugar-free)

  • Vanilla Coke Zero

So Emma, Any first impressions looking at the contents of my fridge?? I am aiming for a fairly low-sugar and low-cholesterol lifestyle!

Emma: "First impressions are good! Good balance of different sources of protein, fat and different fruit and vegetable sources. For cholesterol, lamb can be high in fat so look for lower fat options if possible."

Emma, I get really hungry up until lunchtime, and then I am ok all afternoon. What is a good morning snack to have at about 11 ish (with regards to breakfast, at the moment I usually have porridge for breakfast, occasionally peanut butter on toast, occasionally eggs)?

Emma: "Porridge is a great breakfast choice - it is a good source of protein, fibre and b vitamins to name a few. It is also good at keeping us fuller for longer. As are the eggs! For peanut butter on toast, add some fruit such as berries or an apple just to get in some of your five a day."

"A good snack could be some yoghurt and fruit, handful of nuts, rice cakes or fruit and peanut butter. If your hunger seems greater in the morning, check you are eating enough at breakfast time."

Breakfast cereal with milk often gets eaten in my house as a snack any time of day - especially before bed. Is this a good option? Which shop bought cereal would you recommend for adult snacking?

Emma: "I wouldn’t recommend snacking just before bed. When you sleep, your digestion slows down. So allow plenty of time before bed to eat your last meal, it will help you sleep better and reduce the chance of indigestion, acid reflux or an upset tummy."

"Because you are eating just before bed, this tells me that you might not eating enough during the day. Make sure to check in with yourself, are you actually hungry or has it become a habit to eat before bed?"

"For cereal choices, Fruit and Fibre, fruit wheats, multigrain hoops or Bran Flakes with added fruit if wanted. We are looking for fibre rich cereal as options. If you can tolerate milk, I always encourage drinking it. High in protein and calcium, it’s better and cheaper than a protein shake!"

Emma, I worry I am 100% dependent on shop-bought sauces (curry sauce, pasta sauce, gravy mix, etc). Is this a problem? I am not sure I have time to make my own!

Emma: "So ready bought sauces can be high in sugar and salt. They are a good option to save time but making our own in some instances doesn’t take long. Such as for a spaghetti dish, adding passata, mixed herbs, red wine stock pot is a better option than a jar of sauce. 

For a curry, chopped tomatoes and various spices can achieve a delicious sauce. But using them occasionally is absolutely fine, just not an everyday thing. Balance is the key word with what we eat.  Also, who has time to make their own gravy?!"

I try to mix up my carbs - chickpeas, spelt pasta, bulgar, brown rice, couscous. Next one to try is barley. What is your favourite carb?

Emma: "Ooo for carbs I do love rice, giant couscous and bulgar wheat. Both of which are delicious with baked veg, gherkins, coriander and lime juice." 

Bread and cheese are my fallbacks when I am tired, ill or stressed. They are my supreme comfort foods. What would be the best combo of bread and cheese from a nutrition perspective??

Emma: "Bread and cheese is always an elite combo. So, cheese is very good source of protein and calcium. But is calorie dense, so watch how much you put in your sandwich. Adding some salad to the side or in the sandwich is always a good option. Watch the butter too! I would say too, during a tough time food won’t necessarily make you feel better- sometimes it can make you feel worse. Try and find other things such as self care activities, keeping a journal or talking to someone."

Thanks Emma! Would you like to have Emma cast her professional eye over the contents of your fridge (plus answer five diet or nutrition based questions!)? Well here's your chance! Simply send an email with the word FRIDGE to by Sunday 31st March 2024 and a winner will be selected at random. Trust me, it's a lot of fun! One entry per household!

Emma is based around Loughton, Essex, and offers pre and post-natal sessions tailored specifically to your needs. If you are looking for personal training sessions she will also bring the gym to you! Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. Visit Emma's website for more information and to get in touch.

Visit the rest of my website to learn more about my work with parents, my toddler support package, former celebrity make-up artist Tana Rodney's capsule skincare collection for kids, my definitive gift guide for new parents, lots more fabulous blog articles featuring Pre and Post-Natal Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist Emma, midwife extraordinaire Shelley, author and Forest School leader Sarah, and award-winning maternity photographer Lousia!

Take care, more great content to come in March!

Isobel x


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