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A Holistic, Child-led Approach to your Child's Development

Throughout my years working with children I have done extensive studies into the academic theories of child development. In practice, I like to take the best bits of each, and bring them together. It is important to me to encourage parents to think about holistic needs of the whole child, all of which can and should be met in their routine.


Thinking "holistically" about child development means thinking not just in terms of academic success or physical development of motor skills - but considering all parts of your child's life as interlinked and of equal importance. This should include their health, diet, daily routine, sleep, environment, social skills, experiences of the world, mental health, and behaviour.

A good routine should be consistent but flexible, and should be regularly updated and renewed to reflect your growing child. Consistency and routine play a big part in a child's behaviour and emotional well-being, especially those exhibiting challenging behaviour. This should be the positive foundation of your child's life.​ Reviewing this routine regularly and planning for both the present and the future is crucial to give you confidence and peace of mind that you have given your child all they need to fulfil their potential. 

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