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Group Sessions for 2023
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Group sessions are available for between 6-12 people, and are suitable for workplaces, schools, and local wellness hubs in London, Essex, Middlesex and Herts!

Do you employ or know a number of parents who have small children at home, or who have one on the way? Times have never been harder for  parents, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, and with living costs on the rise due to current global uncertainties.


I would like to offer you a unique way to make the parents YOU know feel empowered, supported and valued, and even better, to potentially improve their productivity and ability to thrive by reducing their stress levels, improving their quality of sleep, and boosting their overall sense of health and wellbeing!


Introducing my three unique Group Sessions, featuring some of my favourite health and wellness professionals! Choose from:

Group session 1.

Helping New Parents to Thrive 

Fourth Trimester Wellbeing & Parenting While Pregnant with myself Isobel Mary Champion,

PLUS Pre and Post-Natal Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist Emma West answers your new-parent wellness questions.

Group session 2.

 Mindful Parenting for Pre-schoolers

Mindful Approaches to Pre-schooler Defiance with myself Isobel Mary Champion,

PLUS Navigating Pre-schooler Sleep with Infant Sleep Coach Maria Murphy.

Group session 3.

 Mindful Mealtimes and Allergy-Aware Celebrations

Holistic Approaches to Mealtimes & Fussy Eating with myself Isobel Mary Champion,

PLUS Allergy-Aware Party Planning with Food Writer and Allergy Mum Manpreet Azad.





Book two or more sessions and receive a BONUS workshop session via Zoom! Want more? Why not consider monthly drop-in Coffee-Morning Coaching Sessions for your workplace or school… Please get in touch for more details on any of these sessions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please get in touch via telephone or email if you are interested in attending or booking any of these sessions! All are subject to availability, current Covid-19 restrictions will apply, and dates are subject to change.

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