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Transform Your Child's Behaviour


Want to know why your child behaves the way they do? Want to know what are they feeling, what are they trying to achieve by their behaviour, and what can you do about it? Want to know how best to help your child? Then you have come to the right place!


There are lots of different things that can affect your child's behaviour, and many of these can appear, disappear, recur and overlap at different times during your child's childhood and adolescence.

If you have more than one child, your children are likely to be very different, and you will probably see very different kinds of behaviour from each child, and they will have very different sets of needs. They will also therefore need very different kinds of support from you. 


Together we will find out what is the root cause of your child's behaviour, and work together towards a better outcome. I take a gentle, mindful, child-led, and holistic approach to children's behaviour and development, but what does this mean in practice?

Thinking "holistically" about child development means thinking not just in terms of academic success or physical development of motor skills - but considering all parts of your child's life as interlinked and of equal importance. This includes things like health, diet, daily routine, sleep, environment, social skills, experiences of the world, mental health, and behaviour.

If you are feeling concerned or anxious about your child's behaviour or development, get in touch and we will work on it together. Childhood is a time of growth, learning, development and change, and nothing is set in stone. Parenting is very much the same! Together we will take a gentle, mindful approach toward making positive changes in your child's behaviour. Let's take the next step together. Find out how HERE! 

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