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Are you struggling to cope with toddler tantrums, fussy eaters, potty training, bedtimes, or facing a child who is crippled by shyness or seems filled with resentment? Are you finding it hard to stay calm? Do you feel that your routine is not supporting your child's development, or that your home environment is under-stimulating? I will provide support, strategies, and solutions, and a helping hand where needed.

Get in touch, and we will tackle the problem together. We will press pause and rewind what is taking place. We will deconstruct not only your child's behaviour, but also your own feelings, to find the root causes, and then pinpoint where to take action. We will take a step back and look at the bigger picture, and think about your own well-being, and how we can fulfil your family's potential.

Consultations can be one-off, or you can become a regular client. Coaching and support can be provided in person or via email or telephone. Each case will be different, and I will endeavour to work around your schedule and lifestyle. I can offer as much or as little hands-on support as you need. No problem is too big or too small. I am happy to answer simple queries or have a quick chat free of charge where possible.

“…Isobel has sorted out (my daughter’s) potty training and helped her to establish a sleep routine. She is a straight, honest woman who always gives her best. She is intelligent, warm, generous, utterly trustworthy…” - Mother of 5, North London

“…Isobel is quite simply… calm, devoted, reliable, and intelligent… Her calm and patient approach to our tricky toddler created an excellent step-change in our family life! In 2016, my middle child was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, and ...more recently, been diagnosed with a muscular weakness in his eyes. Isobel has been a great support here - researching all there is to know about these disorders and helping me secure a nice routine for all the necessary exercises... She has been consistent in planning out the boundaries within which to support his development…”
- Mother of 3, North West London.

 “…I had complete trust in Isobel’s ability and judgement…” - Mother of 1, London.

 “…Isobel has been a supportive presence... She is also highly proactive, and a great source of inspiration for holistic ideas. Above all she clearly loves children, and takes great pains to consider the best for the specific needs of an individual child. I would also note she is a calm, warm and very patient presence… qualities not to be underestimated…” - Father of 3, West London.

"...this is the most sense I've ever heard about bath time, thank you so so much..." - Mother of 1, Wiltshire.

All services are subject to availability. I will endeavour to help wherever possible, so do get in touch. 

Please remember that results are always subjective, and there are no quick fixes. Three weeks can help to form a new habit, but it can take at least three months for those habits to begin to take effect. Parenting is a life-long learning curve, and there are always new challenges on the horizon.

In person consultations are available locally in: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Middlesex. Other locations considered on request. 


Telephone, Skype and email consultations available in:

- UK and Ireland

- Europe


- USA and Canada

- Australia and New Zealand



All my advice and work with parents is based on experience and knowledge gained during my time working as a nanny, and the supporting academic studies that I have undertaken since I began working with children and their families. My advice and work with you is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice or treatment. I may recommend that you seek professional advice. Please seek professional help if you are seriously concerned about you or your child's physical or mental health. All services will be charged, and services may be withdrawn at any point. Your data will be stored securely for client contact and for the purpose of the services provided. 

Lets have a chat and a coffee:

Friendly consultation

We will keep things achievable:

Simple plan of action

Benefits for regular clients include:

Telephone support 24/7

Support tailored to your specific needs:

Daily hands-on support where necessary

We will make this journey together:

Regular follow-up support and checking-in

 A former professional nanny on-call:

Up to 15 hours per week of NannyCalm

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