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Decluttering and Organising Before Your New Baby

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Joanne Forde

Professional declutterer and home organiser Joanne Forde of Harmonized Living UK (based in Brentwood, Essex) shares her tips for preparing your home before your new arrival!

Joanne says:

"Decluttering and organising before your baby is a great way to prepare your home for your new arrival.

Try not to overwhelm yourself by decluttering and organising your whole home all at once, start with one room at a time and start small working on one drawer or one cupboard each day, ask for help lifting or moving heavy items, listen to your body and enjoy " The nesting period" of organising your home during your pregnancy.

Work on the basis of 3 sections: 

1:  Keep

Items you are keeping, find a home/safe place to store.

2:  Let go

Items you are letting go, have a bag/box ready to put items straight into and decide whether you are disposing/recycling, giving to friends,   family, charity shops or selling.       

3:  Undecided

Items you are not sure whether to keep or let go, make a note of each item and make a decision later.

By decluttering your home you will be letting go of items that are no longer needed or useful to you and your family and creating more space.

By organising your home you will know where everything is kept making your home easier to maintain and keep tidy so you can be company ready for all of your visitors when your new baby arrives giving you more time to relax and enjoy your new bundle of joy!"

Visit Harmonized Living UK for more fabulous decluttering tips!


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