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The Baby & Toddler "Capsule Skincare Collection" with Dandydill Way founder Tania Rodney...

Tania Rodney

This month I am very excited to feature the fabulous Tania Rodney on my blog! Tania is a former make-up artist to the stars, and is the founder of the multi award-winning children's skincare brand, Dandydill Way, which has been endorsed by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Pearl Lowe and Laura Baily. In this blog post she shares five essential products to create the perfect no-fuss capsule skincare collection for your baby and toddler's delicate skin

Yorkshire-born mum Tania spent five years on a mission to create an eco-chic yet playful brand, meticulously researching native British plants and teaming up with an award-winning cosmetic science team. All Tania's products are made in the UK and adhere to strict Hypoallergenic guidelines. Each product features more than 97% natural ingredients (some foraged by a professional forager!) and is free from all chemical nasties including SLS, SLES, alcohol and synthetic fragrance (and if you are uncertain of what these chemical acronyms are, I have included a helpful resource at the end of this post!). All Dandydill Way products are safe to use from birth.

Read on to hear Tania's capsule collection advice for your baby and toddler's skin (plus a few of my own additional favourite products!), and I share some links to some useful baby and toddler skincare (and laundry!) resources.

Here is Tania's five-piece capsule collection:

1. Bubble bath

Tania: "Bathtime is bonding time and the perfect moment to indulge in a little sensory indulgenceA gentle, sulphate free bubble bath will ensure sensitive skin is gently cleansed and a natural scent is even better without irritating essential oils. Dandydill Way’s bubble bath (£20.75) is concentrated for lots of long lasting bubbles and it has a 100% natural scent. It cleans skin with plant-derived ingredients that soothe and comfort. This SLS- and SLES-free bubble bath contains Dandydill Way’s exclusive botanical extract of antioxidant-rich wild hawthorn berry and naturally derived moisturising ingredients to leave your little one’s skin clean and soft and it has also been dermatologically approved safe for babies from birth."


2. Body wash

Tania: "A pH balanced top to toe wash that’s safe for the smudged little faces. Dandydill Way’s cleansing mousse (£23.25) is a creamy, hydrating cleanser for delicate skin. This SLS and soap free foam wash will gently and thoroughly clean sensitive skin without causing dryness or irritation. It also contains antioxidant rich hawthorn berry botanical extract and is formulated with more than 98.4% natural ingredients. It is suitable from birth."


3. Powder (talc free)

Tania: "Talc free powder for damp little creases - Dandydill Way Liquid Powder (£18.25) or Era Organics are good choices. It’s important to avoid talc as it can potentially be contaminated and may adversely affect the lungs when inhaled. Dandydill Way Liquid Powder also contains red algae extract to help neutralise odour and tapioca starch to absorb wetness."


4. Suncream

Tania: "Besides keeping your little one safely in the shade or fully covered with long sleeves and a hat, most of the year you’ll need to use  a minimum 30 SPF UVA UVB cream such as Green People’s ORGANIC CHILDREN SCENT FREE SUN CREAM - SPF30  made without allergenic essential oils or fragrance or Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion SPF50+  which is very water resistant and Hypoallergenic."


5. Moisturiser

Tania: "Fragrance free moisturiser Dandydill Way’s moisturiser (£25.25) contains pure, hypoallergenic hyaluronic acid to gently hydrate  and skin compatible cold pressed golden jojoba oil to safely nourish and protect delicate young skin from birth. Alternatively, for skin that can tolerate essential oils, Chantecaille Bebe Orange Blossom Face Cream is an indulgent treat."

Thank you Tania for sharing your expert knowledge and careful selection! We are so grateful for your selection and thoughts!

A few other products I love...

Other useful baby and toddler skincare (and laundry!) resources:

  • The National Eczema Society for childhood eczema resources.

  • Allergy UK for childhood skin allergies resources.

  • The Green People for chemicals to avoid for your baby's skin.

  • Mumsnet recommendations - best laundry detergents for your baby's skin.

  • Tips from Aden + Anais on choosing clothing and fabrics for your baby's skin.

  • A great article from Your Kids Table on sensory issues with clothing (I often talk about this with parents, so do get in touch if it is an issue for your child!).

Visit the rest of my website to learn more about my work with parents, my toddler support package, and lots more fabulous blog articles featuring Pre and Post-Natal Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist Emma, midwife extraordinaire Shelley, author and Forest School leader Sarah, and award-winning maternity photographer Lousia!

Take care, more great content to come in February!

Isobel x


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