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Complete Toddler Support

Having spent nearly two decades supporting parents in the early years in the UK, I have formulated the perfect 1:1 support package to provide understanding, reassurance, empowerment and a safe space to laugh, cry and share your true feelings about being a toddler parent! (Please note: if you are not a toddler parent and are at a different stage of parenting, click here to explore my other coaching options!).

My unique Toddler Doula package consists of twelve 1:1 sessions (no remote online learning here!), in which we will cover all the most common (and some of the often overlooked!) elements of toddler parenting. Our sessions will cover eight core elements, plus four sessions which can be selected to suit your current needs. These sessions are designed to be held either via Zoom, or in person where possible. I always love meeting the toddlers themselves, but this is not necessary for you to gain the full benefits of this unique support package! 

Give yourself complete peace of mind and total toddler support with twelve sessions designed to provide a deep and meaningful understanding of your toddler, to strengthen your bond with them, and to make this a memorable and enjoyable time for the whole family. Suitable for preschoolers of all ages.

Discover my Compete Toddler Doula Package!
Eight core toddler sessions covering:
  • All your concerns about toddler parenting.

  • Parenting styles and what they actually mean for you and your family.

  • Tantrums and how best to handle them.

  • Providing healthy boundaries for your child.

  • Encouraging your child's emerging self-regulation skills.

  • Self-care and parent wellbeing.

  • Toddler social skills and playdates.

  • Promoting teamwork in parenting.

Choose four additional toddler sessions:
  • Mindful family mealtimes.

  • Better bedtimes and sounder sleep.

  • Potty training perfection.

  • Preparing for a new baby sibling.

  • Siblings and the family as a team.

  • Having a strong-willed or "spicy" child (NEW for 2024!).

  • Childcare options and what will work for me.

  • Admissions guidance (nursery, preschool, 4+ and primary).

  • Gentler nursery drop-offs .

  • Being a highly sensitive parent (NEW for 2024!).

  • Holiday, celebrations and gatherings with a toddler!

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