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Thinking of planning a "babymoon"?! It's the perfect time to start planning!

A "babymoon"?

If you are asking right now "What is a babymoon?", then you are in for a treat! A babymoon is basically the best escapism of all time, and one of the things I recommend most strongly to all expectant couples! A play on the word "honeymoon" (the holiday the new couple take after their wedding), a "babymoon" is a holiday an expectant couple take before the arrival of their new baby! Still don't get it?! There are many benefits to this new "moon", and in my opinion, it is far more worthwhile and beneficial to the couple than the post-wedding variety! Want to know more? Read on!

What are pregnant women supposed to do on a "babymoon"?

Whether you would like to be relaxing on a beach, getting pampered in a spa, experiencing forest bathing, or taking a gondola tour around Venice, this trip should be all about you! As long as what you are doing is safe for both you and the baby, this trip should be whatever you want it to be! Generally speaking, the aims of a babymoon are: to make sure that the expectant mum has plenty of time to relax and unwind, to enjoy activities or locations that will be more tricky to enjoy with a small child (or children!), and for couples to spend some quality time alone together before the baby arrives.

How is a "babymoon" different from a regular holiday?

A babymoon is a chance for parents-to-be to enjoy one last child-free holiday (holidays will never be the same again!)! This will be your last be a completely adult-inspited trip, before the pushchairs, carrycots and changing-bags take over! It is also a great way for the expectant mum to take a break from the preparations going on at home, and take some time to relax, be pampered, and unwind (which are all really important during pregnancy!). For couples a babymoon is also a chance to spend some time alone together, and to focus on each others feelings before the newest member of the family arrives! This is a great opportunity to re-connect with each others fears, hopes and dreams, and to give each other your full attention.

What should I take on my "babymoon"?

Take whatever makes you comfortable! When you have kids, your luggage will be all about them and their needs, but this trip should be all about you! If you need a certain pillow, certain brand of herbal tea, or certain pair of maternity jeans to feel comfortable, then pack them! Crave a particular brand of biscuits? Pack them! Remember that you won't be doing much late-night drinking or dancing, so think about how to keep yourselves entertained in the evenings! Pick up a few paperback thrillers at the airport, and a handful of glossy magazines!

What should I watch out for when planning my "babymoon"?

Many women find the second trimester the easiest time to travel - the morning sickness will have hopefully passed, and feelings of tiredness should improve a little. Avoid the first trimester for these very reasons, and do not plan to fly after 36 weeks. It is best to check with your doctor before making any trip, and make sure to check current Covid-19 restrictions and advice before travelling. Certain foods should be avoided when pregnant, as should alcohol and too much caffeine. Try to avoid platters of cold cuts like salami, and soft cheeses like camembert, as well as raw shellfish like oysters!

Any other things to consider?

Think about how you will feel when travelling. Will you be comfortable on a long-haul flight? If not it you can find many beautiful, relaxing locations domestically. Will you be able to access reliable medical care if needed? Try to avoid anywhere too remote! And lastly, who would you really like to join you on your babymoon? Babymoons aren't just for couples! Who do you have the most fun with, who helps you relax the most, and understands what's best for you right now? It might be your best friend, a sibling, or even your mum!

This advice was originally written for Compare the Market, click here to read their complete list of the top places to visit for a babymoon right now (Covid-travel compliant!)!

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I hope you and your family enjoy the coming season and all it's changes, do get in touch and let me know your plans, I would love to hear from you! All the best,

Isobel x


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