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The perfect app to support your little one's development...

This summer I was delighted to be contacted by the creators of a new parenting app, to explore a potential partnership between myself and the app, and was invited to check out all the apps functions, try out its trackers, and generally have a good play around with it! This is the kind of offer I just can't refuse, and I am so happy to share my findings with you here!

The new app, which is called Onoco, is designed to support parents with children aged 0-5, and its tools and features are intended to grow with families from birth to school. These features range from sleep trackers and analysis, to a shared family schedule for things like appointments and childcare arrangements. Onoco is a parent tech startup, designed by a Mum of two and tech expert, on a mission to help parents in the first 5 years of their child’s life.

Founded in 2020, Onoco was born from the idea that while families, parenting, and early years education have changed quite a bit over the last 30 years, the tech hasn't really kept up with the changes! New tech products have been developed without considering these changes in society, and the multitude of apps and other platforms on the market has left parents confused and frustrated.

Some existing apps support feeding and sleep while others aim to help parents understand development, and there are just so many different pieces of the puzzle! Most of these are modelled on the basis of the stay at home Mum, and the working Dad, which is more than a little outdated for the new generation of families!

Which is why Margaret Zablocka, a mum of two kids and tech product expert, decided to create Onoco. Onoco is designed to help parents to not only support their child's development but also to collaborate with other family members and carers. It merges together three different app categories: baby tracker, family organiser, and child developmental plans, all presented in one handy app which is simple, safe and easy to share.

My own particular favourite USP of the Onoco app is that along side all the other trackers and analysis features, the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) is also integrated within the app. You can obviously find these developmental charts and milestones elsewhere, but usually they are presented independently of anything else (often in a rather ominous or overly complicated way!). On the Onoco app they appear as fun moments to celebrate, with simple prompts and easy ideas to get your little one heading in the right direction. You can also add photos to celebrate those special moments once reached!

Another truly fantastic USP is that Onoco is also fully influenced by parents, meaning that their roadmap is constantly changing to the needs of parents, with new features being rolled out all the time (custom logs are being released this week for Onoco Premium users, meaning families can add practically anything they like - such as tummy time or bath time).

Plus you can add up to five family members and one professional caregiver at no extra cost, and the app is completely ad free. Onoco comes in either a free or a Premium version (get a free month's trial of Onoco Premium later in this post!).

I have been dipping in and out of the app over the Summer, and have to say I am very impressed! It is a totally game-changing piece of tech.

Being slightly obsessed with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) myself (it is one of my favourite points of reference for activity planning) I was absolutely delighted to see it broken down into bite size pieces that are so easy to digest! The simplicity of the way the EYFS is presented on the Onoco app is truly innovative, and makes a resource that can sometimes appear to be overwhelmingly complicated seem like a breath of fresh air!

Plus, as as a former full-time professional nanny myself I am extremely happy to see the inclusion of nannies and other in the family unit!

I would definitely recommend this app to all parents of young children (probably in the place of several other apps!), and I am delighted to have become an affiliate of Onoco. I am also delighted to therefore be able to offer you a week's free trial of Onoco Premium, simply use my referral code MAM15 when you sign up. As a note, this subscription starts at £4 per month when taken on an annual basis, and includes up to five family members or carers per account.

Five other parenting apps I love:

  • Happity - the baby and toddler class finder app (designed by parents to help other parents find local baby and toddler classes), just stick in your postcode, get results, and book!

  • Playdate - the dating app for single parents (founded by single Mum, Nevine), what's not to love about that?!

  • The Dad Pad - my fave Dad app, designed with the NHS to provide essential support and advice to new Dads. This app provides not only practical support, but also supports Dads who might be feeling a little left-out or overwhelmed.

  • Allergy Reality - a food allergy app that engages children with the reality of living with a food allergy in a fun, interactive and educational way (created by two Mums who's kids have food allergies!).

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Get in touch for more information on any of the topics mentioned here or elsewhere on my site, I would love to hear from you!



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